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 Marine Firefighting Essay

Eliasar Mejia

Tracy Rickman

Health 100

doze December 2012


Every part in the military has task as a firefighter. therefore both have different means of fighting fire. The navy fights fires on the marine, seashore, and ships. The airforce arguements them by air, while the Army battles them by land. The marines do a little bit of almost everything. Michael Archer said, " The Air Force [who managed the base] would view hot brake systems on an plane for about 18 minutes to be sure they did not catch fireplace, then have the aircraft taxi back to the queue. The marine corps are much even more aggressive. They might jump away, chock and pin the aircraft, and use followers to amazing the brake systems off intended for five minutes or so, then let it taxi back in the line. Like the different to EMT services has different amounts, so do the marine fireplace sevices. Theres offshore firefighter, Land primarily based Firefighter, Heli Landing Official, Basic underwater Firefighter, and Advanced Underwater Firefighter. They take their classes at Louisiana State College or university. All Marine corps have to go through boot camp which can be 13 several weeks. After the every one of the marine schooling the marine corps start taking classes in what they will signed up to do. They dedicate 2 to six months of schooling, then the different 18 months will be of rehearsing. The underwater firefighters' classes consist of Reservoir Barge Open fire Fighting which provides instruction approach prevent, control, and reduce fires over a barge utilizing different kinds of extinguishers, water lines, and foam. Field physical exercises test the skill sets of the pupil to efficiently control and extinguish fire common to the tank barge firefighting career; this class is sixteen hours. The Offshore Fireplace Fighting instructs Field physical exercises that will help develop the skills and knowledge on how to successfully and safely control and reduce fires popular among the overseas profession; this class is 16 Hours. The Area Based Ocean Fire Struggling with course provides the land-based Firefighter with the schooling,...