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 Ukrainian meals Essay

Ukrainian meals.

People in Ukraine like to eat good and delightful food prepared of refreshing product. Fast food is not so popular in Ukraine because Ukrainian girls prefer to prepare at home. And many of them are real masters for cooking. Seeing that old time Ukrainian nationwide cooking have been famous for wonderful variety of delicious and valuable dishes. Ukrainian women often collected quality recipes of food preparation different food. This tradition is retained nowadays as well. The most popular dish in Ukraine which every single Ukrainian girl can prepare food is borshch. It has about 20 elements. There is a saying that says: " Every hostess features her borshch” as there is a lot of versions to make it. Borshch is a countrywide Ukrainian dish

Soups are incredibly popular in Ukraine. And you will find a large amount of them in Ukrainian delicacies. The most popular of them are yushka, sherba (fish soup), chicken broth, noodle soups, pea soup, mushroom soup and dairy soup. All are very yummy. Ukrainians prepare food meat in various ways. It will be easy to make an effort here cutlets, boiled various meats, meat dumplings, fried and roasted beef. People usually have meat as the second training course or as main training course. As ornament or being a side dish they usually have fried, boiled or crush potatoes, fruit and vegetables cooked in various ways or salads. Try varenkis!

There are countless dishes grilled from flour. � In Ukraine you can test varenyks, pancakes, halushkas and various kinds of pies.

Pancakes are incredibly popular in Ukraine

Among classic drinks you will find kvas, uzvar, stewed fresh fruit, juice, sour milk. Sure, tea, coffee and cocoa are also very popular here nowadays. Traditionally Ukrainian alcoholic refreshments are not quite strong. They are very good wines, sweetie drinks and beer. � Stronger refreshments, like horilka, traditionally acquired herbs and were used in small doses to warm the body but not to make the person inebriated. Uzvar is actually a tasty and healthy drink

Ukrainian cuisine has variety of receipes. In fact it is worth attempting!