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Steadily the rain had started to slip from the dark sky. The numerous number of actors spread over a buildings, superstars that could certainly not be carressed by human hands through the earth, shimmering down on us as though these people were angels observing us. The sun was gone and the properties were hardly lit, sun rays of light just shining through the windows. I used to be bored today, nothing exceptional had spring to mind and all I can do was sit by window of my house watching the rainwater pouring straight down heavily on to the many houses and autos. Although I'm 15, nearly turning sixteen in a few days-time, there was not much to complete for me while the normal teen hobbies were not that interesting and would not interest myself as much as photography. My name is Felix and I currently live with my parents and my own younger sister.

It had been possibly around 7: 00 p. m., mother acquired called me to the dining table to eat, and we were having spaghetti that night. I had a full stomach next, and did not want virtually any dessert later on, I travelled upstairs to my place and shut the door at the rear of me. My own new area wasn't that big -- as we got just relocated to Perth recently – nonetheless it had enough space that my personal claustrophobia probably would not take impact. I had previously unpacked my personal things right after we moved in, it absolutely was clean…But it will soon obtain messy seeing as I'm identified as lazy, unorganised and untidy or so my parents say, however my sister looks about me. Thinking too hard makes me exhausted and I soon dozed off, slowly concluding my eyes and falling on to my foundation. I wake up where I had developed slept, talking to the home window and only seeing pitch dark-colored, I seem back inside my clock which was placed on my own desk, just to see a few hours had handed. My abdomen growled with hunger, and so i stood up and grabbing hold of the cold, darkish doorknob and turning it anti-clockwise We slowly push the door open.

As soon as the door opened fully, I appeared around the hall to see if any light was still being on. A pitch dark-colored hallway was standing in the way, and...