The Correlation Between Lurking behind Story and Symbol in Shelly's Ozymandias

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 The Correlation Between Behind Story and Symbol in Shelly’s Ozymandias Research Paper

1 ) Background analyze

Symbol is very important in our life mainly because symbol can be used to give information through picture, line, color, etc . For example , symbol that provides information or command through picture is definitely picture mosque that usually gives in the two side of the road. It provides us details that there is mosque near that road. Other example, symbol that use color. As we have seen every day targeted traffic light in road unconsciously organize rider and drivers that use the street. Each color has distinct meaning, reddish colored is quit, green is usually go, and yellow is definitely be careful or perhaps down the velocity. From the examples above we can see that sign is necessary in our life to understand both gesture and symbol like above to prevent a mistake with other people. In literature sign is as significant as in our daily life because in literature specially in poem, symbol has key role which make poem more appealing. Symbol generally represents other meaning from the real contact form or offer an example that which represents situation or perhaps meaning that composition want to share. Moreover, " symbol" can be applied simply to a word or phrase that signifies an object or celebration which in it is turn signifies something, or has a array of reference, over and above itself. (Abrahams p. 324) So this paper tries to discuss, what is the correlation between behind history and the sign of the composition Ozymandias. 2 . Discussion

Poems is a type of literature that expresses suggestions, feelings, or perhaps tells a story in a particular form (usually using lines and stanzas). Moreover, poetry is vocabulary that makes considerable use of statistics of conversation and vocabulary that should be strongly persuasive (Culler p. 68). Then, Aristotle asserted the importance of poetry simply by focusing on counterfeit (mimesis) instead of rhetoric. He argued that poetry offers a safe wall socket for the release of powerful emotions (Culler p. 69) Let looks the poem ozymandias, it really is sonnet composition which is composed one stanza, which comprise 14 lines. Ozymandias is poem which has been written by Percy Bysshe Shelly...

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