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 The Essense of Medical According to Imogene Meters. King Exploration Paper

Imogene M. California king - Theory of Aim Attainment

Yesenia Acevedo, Marcie Jenkins-Williams & Christina Suarez Grand Gosier University


Dr . Kerns

May twenty two, 2011

Imogene M. Full - Theory of Aim Attainment

Precisely what is the importance of breastfeeding? This is the question that Imogene M. California king posed once she developed conceptual body of reference for nursing jobs. " King's conceptual program included 14 concepts that had been identified via her examination of nursing literature – self, skin image, role belief, communication, discussion, transaction, growth and development, power authority, organization, and decision making” (King, 1981). The principles of personal, perception, connection, interaction, transaction, role and decision making were selected to symbolize how people and organizations in the medical care system communicate to achieve goals. " This kind of transaction unit developed to represent the process where individuals interact to set goals that result in goal attainment” (King, 1981). The theory of goal attainment, developed by Imogene M. Full, is based on the " assumption that people are the concentrate of the nursing…. the goal of nursing is definitely health: their promotion, protection, and/or restoration; the care of the sick and tired or injured; and the proper care of the dying” (Khowaga, 2006). King's model consists of 3 interacting devices: personal, social, and cultural.  The three interacting relationships involve the, nurse-client connection and medical. Nurse-client interactions are thought to be person perceptions which will influence the goal achievement. Nursing's goal is to aid the individual as well as the communities obtain, preserve, and reclaim well being. The theory emphasizes the importance of knowledge and info that the nurse and the customer both bring to the relationship, coming together to achieve goals. Imogene M. King's conceptual framework is better described as an alternative view in the complexity in nursing and multiple medical care systems. Ruler...

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