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 Cultural Knowledge Essay

Cultural Knowledge

1 . The museum I visited was the Smithsonian memory

orial holocaust museum in DC.

2 . The museum experienced very educational facts with the challenges faced for subjects of the holocaust. There are many educational pieces all throughout the art gallery.

three or more. Upon getting into the holocaust museum, you will learn the darkish lights and eerie noises coming from the audio. Also, the walkway is actually a timeline beginning with WWI. There are many artifacts of victims on display.

4. Walking through the art gallery, I felt a lot of remorse and emotions pertaining to the patients of the Holocaust. The most influential moment of the tour can be described as pile of boots worn by the victims. The shoe stack is stacked very high and ranges in several sizes. I had been emotional of the encounter as it showed us a real sort of men, females, and children innocently killed for a revolutionary idea.

a few. During week two of our class, we had read about right after of religion plus the culture that brings. We also talked about about the challenges persons would encounter based on all their religion. I do believe this tie in with my own topic for this report. The task Jews had faced through the holocaust experienced left a great imprint of all time. They were out casted in most of central Europe during the Nazi guideline.

I also believe that the Holocaust jewelry in with the topic of humanities because it is a life lessons that had a major influence in history. It includes taught us the significance of what a radical idea can do and how it affects people.

6th. Here is a url to the " ID cards” used in the museum but can also be found on-line.

Number of shoes found in the Smithsonian Holocaust Museum.

7. This experience got really affected my emotions toward genocide victims. I felt plenty of remorse and sadness pertaining to the people who to go through the pains of the holocaust. With this kind of experience, My spouse and i view the human being culture from the past being different of todays. I really believe...