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in MS 2 (Rizal's Life & Works)


October twenty seven, 2014

Ruben Carlo M. Garcia1

1Email: [email protected] com

I. Targets

After the program, students of MS 2 are expected to have the subsequent competencies: 1 ) Describe the lovelife of the National Leading man Dr . Jose Rizal; 2 . Identify the next women who were linked romantically to Rizal: a. Julia

b. Segunda" Minang” Katigbak

c. Jacinta " Bb. L” Ibardo Laza

d. Leonor " Orang” Valenzuela

elizabeth. Leonor " Taimis” Arroyo

f. Conzuela Ortega con Perez

g. Gertrude " Getiie” Beckette

h. Nellie Boustead

i actually. Seiko " O-Sei-San” Usui

j. Suzanne Jacoby

k. Pastora Opportuno Carreon

l. Josephine Leopaldine Bracken;

several. Appreciate the position and significance of women inside the life of men as well as the society; and 4. Participate in the class discussion.

II. Subject

" The Women in Rizal's Life”


Castaneda ou. al., Jose Rizal: The Martyr and National Main character; (Malabon City: MUTYA Publishing House, Inc., 2007) Zaide, Gregorio and Sonia, Jose Rizal: Existence, Works and Writings of your Genius, Writer, Scientist and National Main character; (Manila: All-Nations Publishing Firm; 2007) -rizals-love-life/ Materials: Book, Pictures, Cartolina/ Newprint and Cut-outs

3. Methodology (Integrated Method)

A. Introductory Activity/ Motivation

Divide the class into 6 teams. Distribute papers containing cluttered words with each group. Advise them to organise correctly what to reveal a famous quote. The 1st group to prepare the words appropriately into a estimate wins. The quotation is " Lurking behind the success of a person is a girl. ” Ask the views and observations of the pupils with the explained quotation. N. Developmental Activity

Each group will be assigned to have a couple of women-topics. Half a dozen groups with 2 designated women-topics depend on the number (12) of women in Rizal's life. The tutor will give every group mask/headdress and note of a few information about the matter. After a few min. planning, the associated with each group will present infront of the category wearing the mask/headdress whilst telling the info about the women in Rizal's life. The presentation is much like a mock show. The sequence in the presentation of the women is usually according to the date order of acquaintance to Dr . Jose Rizal. The teacher will certainly facilitate the presentation and elaborate the topic.

" The Women in Rizal's Life”

1 . Julia

Julia is a sixteen year old lady she was your acquainted by the 15 year old Rizal.  Rizal was looking at their forest yard closing to the water where he initial saw Julia by accident in a river known as Dampalit in Los Baños, a few days and nights after Easter in 1877. She was wearing a crimson wraparound skirts. Julia could not catch the butterfly your woman was chasing after. Rizal ever before gallant, captured two. Heart beating with strange fondness, Rizal offered her the butterflies and she chuckled with harmless pleasure. Having been instantly drawn to her. Nevertheless for lack of future contact, Rizal eventually forgot Julia.. 2 . Tercer Katigbak�

Tercer is a pretty fourteen year old woman Bataqueña from Lipa. The lady was rather short, with eyes that were eloquent, hardcore at times, faint, faintish[obs3]; sickly at others, rosy – cheeked, with an wonderful and provocative smile that revealed extremely beautiful pearly whites, and the atmosphere of a sylph; her whole self diffused a mystical charm. 1 Sunday, Rizal visited his maternal grandmother who occupied Trozo, Manila. He was combined with his good friend Mariano Katigbak. His aged grandmother was friend with the Katigbak Family members from Lipa. When he come to his grandmother's house, this individual saw additional guest. One of whom was an attractive woman, who was mysteriously caused his heart to palpitate with strange euphoria. She was the sister of his friend Mariano, and her identity was Tercer. Rizal came to know Segunda more personal during his weekly visits at La...