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 Pfizher Case Study Essay


I. Imagine that you are at the doctor's business office, a medical expert that you trust. A. You are recommended a medication for your current condition and later find out you were prescribed a medicine that was not FDA approved and never intended for the disorder for which most likely being remedied. B. How would that will make you feel?

II. Tonight Let me discuss a case study running a business ethics 3. Pfizer's medication fraud show how far businesses will go to make millions. A. The studies not only revealed that the drug was ineffective, and possibly dangerous that this actually improved the frequency and seriousness of the epileptic seizures. W. It did not matter which the research acquired proven that Neurontin was ineffective and went forwards. IV. Through my conversation you will learn about Pfizer, whom committed medicine fraud and had to shell out hefty penalties. A. Initially, I will explain who Pfizer is and what the medicine Neurontin truly does. B. Second, I will clarify what they have done.

C. Finally, I will go over the outcome to get Pfizer.


I actually. I will make clear who Pfizer is and what the medication Neurontin truly does. A. Pfizer is a pharmaceutic company that is dedicated to discovering and developing new and better methods to prevent and treat diseases and increase health and well-being for people all over the world. B. According to the Federal meals & Drug Administration in December 93 it was accepted as a supplemental anti-seizure medicine for epilepsy patients. 1 . Neurontin can be used to treat seizures, nerve discomfort caused by herpes simplex virus or shingles. II. Next, I will explain what they have done.

A. They developed an illegitimate marketing strategy intended for off-label uses of Neurontin after determining it would be time intensive and harmful for win FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) approval for those uses. 1 ) They employed and educated medical addition to act being a surrogate Neurontin sales force. 2 . Encouraged medical liaisons to falsely stand for themselves being a medical researchers and...

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