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 Pest Examination on Junk food Restourants Article

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Introduction to Fast Food Market in Bahawalpur 1

PEST ANALYSIS one particular






Summary of Fast Food Market in Bahawalpur

Today, eating out definitely is element of modern lifestyle, or can be stated as need for modern age. Junk food is mainly targeted to youngster who will be providing the fast food Restaurant the most revenue. The excessive fat foods taste good to these kids, which in turn make them believe that take out is speedy, easy and fulfilling. Fast food eating places are now producing " value” meals. Take out has become a style, as customers are not only eating, they are savoring the environment not really adults, youngsters are also keen on going to the take out restaurants to get celebrating their very own memorable situations like birthdays, results and even get together celebrations.

Bahawalpur, which can be growing for very fast rate is becoming the industry for fast food industry. Even though literature shows very limited focus on this industry in Bahawalpur but by having the study of pattern of customer's perception from this industry plus the owner's considerations the literary works review shows the cross culture variations in the consumption of fast food and how the folks belonging to place to place adopting this food since an important facet of their daily life.



Political situation in Bahawalpur is very good and peaceful. Presently government are controlling the advertising of take out restaurant as a result of health matter such as cardiovascular and bad cholesterol issue and obesity among the list of young and kids in the country. Governments also control the certificate given to available the junk food restaurant and other business control needs to adhere to such as to get a franchise business. Good relationship with govt in giving mutual rewards such as work and taxes is a must for the relationship to succeed in any kind of market. MY OH MY Hot & Spicy Junk food...