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Michael Paul Jackson



Sept. 2010 18, 2013


The book of exodus can be described as genre the industry narrative. Exodus was authored by Moses during 1440 – 1450 BC. This is the second Book of the Bible which will cover from Moses to the Five Commandments and it protects a lot of regulations and rules. Crucial people with this book are: Jethro, Bezalel, Joshua, Miriam, Pharaoh's Child, and Aaron. A lot of historical consideration to the reader because of the birthday of Moses. Moses also gives the laws of the land. Essential ideals from this book pertains to Israel's Freedom from captivity in Egypt and God uses Moses to convince the Pharaoh to set the people of Israel free, throughout the burning rose bush. Aaron and Moses deal with the Pharaoh with a obtain to release God's people but it really was ignored.

After Passover the 10th plague occurred an all firstborn in Egypt was minted down by Lord, although Moses offers or introduces, the Israel Community with all the Worship, Priest, and Tabernacle.


This book consist of Regulations. This Book was written by Moses. Leviticus means " this individual read. ” The initially chapters includes sacrifices plus the offerings that were given up. It covers how a priest should live and the rules to go by in the life. The middle section of this guide is really interesting to me in its small miracles. This component discusses things that details directly to methods of the world just like unhealthy/unclean chicken and disease. I think Goodness gives us a clear vision on how to take care of his brow. At the previous the general regulation is how you can live a holy existence from leading and being a part of The lord's purpose influenced Life.


In the beginning on this fourth book of the Scriptures Moses prepares to take the Israelites to the Holy Terrain. This is Rules and a narrative. During celebration of the second Passover Moses makes and potential clients the laws and regulations and vows—during this period. The people murmur, grumble, show unbelief, and appear ungrateful of the...

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