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New Laws against Texting while Walking

Will Rogers when said " You can't legislate intelligence and common sense into people. " However , you can test. After recent incidents regarding distracted pedestrian accidents, New York and Illinois are attempting to outlaw texting or perhaps listening to music while walking, or biking. It may seem a little bit ridiculous, although after Cathy Cruz Marrero's infamous get into a shopping center fountain, these types of means could possibly be necessary.

Have you ever before tripped while looking at your cell phone trying to comprehend a text message? Cathy Jones Marrero performed. Her notorious video struck youtube about 3 weeks before, showing a nicely dressed woman walking through the shopping mall, looking straight down at her cell phone. The lady approaches the mall's water fountain still diverted by her phone, and continues to walk, falling deal with first in to the fountain. The good news is, nothing was hurt although her ego.

More severely, a man strolling the pavements of New You are able to was recently hit by a bus. So why? Because he was too active listening to his ipod. Right now there sorts of distractions are forcing New York Senator Carl Kruger to recommend making use of the product while in major town crosswalks against the law. If the bill passes, virtually any pedestrian trapped texting whilst walking or perhaps running will probably be fined a hefty $100.

State Senator Jimmy Jeffress of Illinois is right in back of Kruger's pitch. His invoice is a little little bit tougher, also banning pedestrians from wearing headphones in both hearing whenever they will be near, or perhaps on, a road or perhaps highway. Jeffress's proposal enables a single hearing bud to keep.

Other states, like Oregon and Virginia, possess similar, but less extreme, bills pending on this subject matter. Virginia's costs would ban cyclists by using any hand-held communication device, such as cell phones or ipods.

Why consider such serious measures? Very well, according to the Governors Highway Security Association, or GHSA, pedestrian fatalities increased slightly in the first 50 % of 2010. This can be the first time they have risen in...