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Open-ended concerns

1 . Do you think a partnership with Product (RED) can boost Gap's image? Is it an indicator that they are producing a dedication to corporate social responsibility or do you accept critics who also say their very own involvement is usually an attempt to spit-shine you can actually image whilst continuing to do business as usual?

Answers will vary about Product (RED)'s ability to improve Gap's picture as a socially responsible company. Despite authorities and writers who have decried the relationship with Bono's cause while hypocritical and still have denounced the donations while trivial compared to the profits manufactured by the company, the general public is probably more unlikely to see it in a bad light. Whatever Oprah Winfrey places her stamp of acceptance on is normally accepted being a good thing, including cause-marketing events such as this one. The fact which the Product (RED) t-shirt that Oprah dressed in on her display became the bestselling item in Space history is actually a sign that shoppers were enthusiastic enough about the partnership to spread out their wallets for it.

2 . Describe the many types of technology that have contributed to the media protection, marketing attempts, and public discussion of the (RED) plan.

The October 2006 start of Product (RED) received extensive television set coverage. Oprah's daytime talk show committed an hour towards the topic and her purchasing trip with Bono received a reported one billion dollars media impressions. Beyond tv news and entertainment courses, however , (RED) became a hot subject of discussion for the Internet with numerous bloggers weighing in on the pros and cons of the fundraiser and the firms participating in this. (RED) president Tamsin Cruz herself blogged that Gap's (RED) racks were bare within several hours after Oprah and Vale visited the Chicago store. (RED) internet marketers were able to not merely blog regarding the advertising campaign but go through what was staying written about that on various other blogs and message boards. RSS OR ATOM (Really Basic Syndication) allowed...