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 Marijuana Legalization Essay

The argument over if marijuana needs to be legalized pertaining to recreational work with has been recurring for the last several years. Although states like The state of colorado and Buenos aires have already legalized the use of pot recreationally, pot is still against the law on the federal level. There are many arguments to provide for and against the legalization of marijuana. Over the years to come, our world will have to find out and evaluate the pros and cons of legalizing cannabis recreationally, and we will need to make an informed decision if we will be faced with another bill that may change marijuana's status while an dubious drug. Competitors to legalizing marijuana recreationally say that the drug is known as a gateway medication that may business lead marijuana users to more dangerous prescription medications. Supporters of recreational weed legalization admit the unfavorable impacts of marijuana are less extreme than the unwanted effects of alcoholic beverages. Some followers also believe that if marijuana is legalized, the national crime price will lower. While people who oppose leisure marijuana legalization state that the drug is a dangerous entrance drug, supporters believe that the drug is not dangerous, and legalization of marijuana can lead to fewer crime and a less dangerous environment.

The gateway drug theory states that marijuana people who smoke and may get tired of pot and seek out harder medications to get a more powerful high. There are many studies concerning this theory and anti-drug activists use the theory as being a main security point to make an effort to keep the medication illegal. Yale conduced a study on the entrance theory over a group of youngsters. The study located that " alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and cannabis were associated with an increased likelihood of prescription drug abuse in guys 18 to 25. In women of this age, just marijuana use was linked with a higher likelihood of prescription medicine abuse” (Cuda, A 2012). It was interesting to find that alcohol and nicotine influence prescription medication use in males much more than...

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