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Chapter 2


The Bilimbi woods is attractive, long-lived, it actually reaches 16 to 33 foot (5-10 meters) in height. The leaves, very similar to those of the Otaheite gooseberry and primarily clustered on the branch suggestions, are alternative, 12 to 4 ins (30-60 cm) long, with 11 to 37 alternative or bass speaker opposite booklets, ovate or perhaps oblong, with rounded base and pointed tip. Small , and fragrant, 5-petalled flowers, yellowish-green or purplish marked with dark crimson. The bilimbi is ellipsoid, obovoid or nearly cylindrical, faintly 5-sided, capped simply by thin, star-shaped calyx in the stem-end and tipped with 5 hair-like floral remains at the height. The fruit is usually crisp when unripe, becomes from bright-green to yellowish-green, ivory or nearly white when ready and declines to the surface. The outer epidermis is smooth, very slender, soft and tender, as well as the flesh green, jelly-like, hot and extremely acid. There may be or few (perhaps 6 or 7) compressed, disc-like seed about 6th mm large, smooth and brown.

Possibly originated in Moluccas, Indonesia, the species is usually cultivated or found semi-worldwide throughout the Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar and it is common in other Southeast Asian countries. In India, where it is usually present in gardens, the bilimbi moved wd in the warmest parts of the country. Outside Asia, the tree is usually cultivated in Zanzibar. Also, it is introduced in Jamaica during Central and South America where it is generally known as " Mimbro”. This is essentially a exotic tree, lessresistant to chilly, growing best in rich and well-drained garden soil.

In the Philippines, the leaves happen to be applied as being a paste in itches, swellings of mumps and rheumatism, ad about skin lesions. Elsewhere, they are really applied on attacks of toxic creatures. A leaf infusion is fix for coughs and is taken following childbirth like a venereal disease. A leaf decoction can be taken to reduce rectal br?lure. A flower infusion has to be effective against coughs and...