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 How Data Systems Influence Organizations and Business Companies Essay


CS102 Target Oriented Coding using C++


Week| Practical List

Week 1| Revised Concept: 1 ) Write a C++ program to show off " Hi there Computer" for the screen. After which explain the significant mechanism, and execution with the program. installment payments on your Write a C++ program to display Your Name, Address and Town in different lines 3. Write a C++ system to find the part of a group of friends using the solution: Area = PI 5. r2 some. Write a C++ program to get the area and volume of sphere. Formulas are: 5. Region = 4*PI*R*R Volume = 4/3*PI*R*R*R. 6th. Write a C++ program to print the multiply worth of two accepted amounts 7. Write a C++ program to convert centigrade in to Fahrenheit. Formula: C= (F-32)/1. 8. almost 8. Write a C++ program that declares your five integers, decides and designs the largest and smallest in the group. 9. Write a C++ program that declares two integers, establishes whether the 1st is a multiple of the second and produce the result. [Hint: Utilize remainder operator. ] 10. Create a C++ software that states two integers, determines perhaps the first can be described as multiple in the second and print the end result. [Hint: Use the the rest operator. ]| Week 2, 3| Classes & ObjectsSpecifying a category, creating category objects, being able to access class associates, access specifiers: public, private, and protected, classes, objects and memory, stationary members, the const key phrase and classes, the static objects, bare classes, nested classes, regional classes, abstract classesList of programs: 1 . Write a program in C++ to show your name, Branch, Year upon too the pc screen without resorting to classes and object. All information should be viewed in the separate line. 2 . Write a menu driven put in C++ to perform all standard arithmetic operation addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of two given values. Program receives two ideals and essential operation being performed from the keyboard and display particular result of the necessary operation. several. Write a menu driven program in C++ that receives 5 digit integer value the keyboard and perform following functions (a) Reverse of that number (b) quantity of number with it can reverse (c). sum of alternative digits(1 digit+3 digit and 2 digit+4 digit) 4. Write a menu driven program in C++ to get integer quantity and convert equivalent binary, octal, hexadecimal number. a few. Write a menu driven program in C++ to do all standard arithmetic procedure addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of two given beliefs using function and change case. Plan receives two values and required operation to be performed from the keyboard and screen particular consequence of the required operation. 6. Create a program in C++ to display mark sheet. Of the student. Establish a class which contains data members to store college student information collection name, Department, semester, markings in 6th different themes, etc . Declare some member functions to get these information through the key table, to estimate result and display every gathered information about to the screen in proper format. six. Define a category employee. Range from the following associates: Data Users: a. Identity of the employeeb. Age of the employeeMember Functions: a. To have the name and age of the employeeb. To display the term and age of the employee. eight. Define a class BankAccount to symbolize a bank account. Include the Following members: Info Members: 1 ) Name with the depositor2. Account Number3. Kind of account4. Equilibrium amount in the accountMember Capabilities: 1 . To assign first value2. To deposit a great amount3. To withdraw a sum after checking 11. Specify a class staff having info members as emp_code, dept_code, age, fundamental, DA, HRA and 3 member features as getdata(), putdata(), calculatesalary() to receive, display every one of the values of information members and calculate the entire salary by having basic, DA, HRA. Write this program...