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 Internship Record Essay

Internships Report about Credit Supervision of Dhaka Bank Limited


10/24/2011 BRAC University





Letter of Transmittal

Date: October 24, 2011 Samina Haque LecturerBRAC Business College BRAC College or university

Subject: Distribution of Internship Report

Dear Ms. Samina Haque With great satisfaction I are submitting my own internship statement on " Credit Administration of Dhaka Bank Limited” that you have given me while an essential dependence on Internship program. It is really an enormous prospect to congregate great information and grasp the subject material in an appropriate way. I have found the study is fairly interesting, useful & useful and tried out my level best to put together an effective & creditable report. I honestly, not only assume that my own analysis will assist to provide a crystal clear idea about the overall condition of " Credit rating Management of Dhaka Lender Limited”, but also positive enough to believe that you will find this kind of report's really worth for all the labor I have placed in it. I actually welcome your complete query & take take great pride in to answer all of them.

Yours Sincerely

______________________ Maryland. Mehedi Hasan


In the preparation of the Project Statement, I would like to acknowledge the encouragement and assistance provided to me by a number of people. My spouse and i am the majority of grateful to my internship supervisor Ms. Samina Haque for offering detailed responses and support all the time with this report.

I would really prefer to express my gratitude to Mr. Ashequl Islam (Principal Officer), Mr. Assaduzzaman Parves (Principal Officer) of Dhaka Bank, Uttara Branch and Mr. Newaz, Credit in control, Uttara Middle. Thanks to them for helping me together with the relevant advice about the credit managing of DBL that I necessary to prepare this report. Furthermore, I would like to thanks all of the staff of DBL, Uttara Branch pertaining to providing me personally necessary support whenever required. Without their particular contribution, it will not have been possible for myself to perform this task work.

Besides this, I am as well thankful to just one of my senior buddy named Imran Hossain and one of my friend named Distesa Monsur intended for giving me essential assistance who likewise done internships in DBL.


Stand of Material

Topic Part -01: The Organization 1 . one particular Introduction 1 . 2 Background 1 . a few Mission and vision 1 . 4 Ideals of DBL 1 . five Products/Services giving 1 . 6 Organizational Pecking order Page No . 01 02 02 03 03 apr 05

Section -02: Task Responsibilities & Observation installment payments on your 1 Job Responsibilities by Different Division 2 . two Observation and Recommendation Chapter- 03: The Project (Credit Management of DBL) three or more. 1 Information of the Task 3. 1 . 1 Objectives of the record 3. 1 . 2 Methodology of the report 3. 1 . 3 Limitations of the record 3. 2 Credit Managing of DBL 3. installment payments on your 1 Credit rating policy of DBL three or more. 2 . a couple of Functions of credit department 3. installment payments on your 3 Various kinds of credit features 3. 2 . 4 Credit ranking report several. 2 . five Operational guidelines for different credit facilities three or more. 2 . six Interest rates to get lending 3. 2 . several Securities against advances 3. 2 . eight Overall process of sanctioning mortgage 3. installment payments on your 9 Credit administration 3. 2 . 10 Credit Monitoring

06 07 08 2009 10 15 10-11 11 12 12 13 13-17 17 18-26 27-28 twenty nine 30-34 34 34

Part -04: Project Analysis and Findings 5. 1 SWOT Analysis 4. 2 Economic Data Research 4. several Questionnaire Study Analysis 5. 4 Evaluation of Client satisfaction Level Chapter- 05: Advice & Bottom line 5. you Recommendation your five. 2 Bottom line Bibliography Appendix

35 36-37 38-43 44-47 48-50 51 52 53 54 55-59


Table of Chart and Illustration

Topic Page No

Chart-01: Products/service providing by DBL Chart-02: Company Hierarchy Chart-03: Interest Rates for Different Categories of Lending Chart-04: Investments against Advancements Chart-05: SWOT Analysis of DBL

'04 05 twenty eight 29 thirty six...


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