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 Essay regarding Feasibility Test

Table of Contents

Exec Summary1

Organization Description2




Business Concept5

Concept Explanation and Statement5

Sample Menu7


Management Team8

Managing Partner/Owner almost 8

General Manager8

Kitchen Manager/Chef9

Management Agreements9

Confidentiality Agreements10

Market Analysis11

Industry Assessment11

Target Market15

Location Analysis16

Competitive Analysis19

Marketing Strategy21


Consumer Database21

Repeated Diner22

Email Campaign23

Mailer campaign23

Community/Charity Involvement24

Organization Relationships24

5 Walls Marketing25

Public Relations25






Daily Operations & Production29

Buyer Service31


Management Controls33

Administrative Systems34

Investment Analysis36

Source of Funds36

Capital Advantages (Investment Roles)36

Growth Plan/Exit Strategy39

Development Plans39

Entrepreneur Exit Options39

Investor Development Options39

Economical Projections40

Project Sources & Uses of Cash43

Capital Budget (Start-up Cost Projections)44

Sales Projection45

Hourly Labor Projection46

Comprehensive Statement of Income & Cash Flow 12 months 147

Summary Statement of Income & Cash Flow Season 148

Overview Statements of Income & Cash Flow Years 1-549

Break-Even Cash Flow Projection50


Exec Summary

Dor-El is aВ newВ burger shop that will serve clean and healthy vegan patties burger. Situated near commercial establishments at Barangay Batasan Slopes, Quezon City. The shop is adjacent to President Corazon Aquino Elementary School, just next to Batasan National High School and Quezon Metropolis Polytechnic University or college.

Dor-El burger store gives an emphasis on organic and innovative ingredients, providing students and locals an alternate snacks and meals that is certainly affordable, tasty, and healthier because they are created from vegetables patties.

Highlights of the Study


Dor-El burger store will offer the city a new exciting menu ofВ meals that are made via veggie patties and cool beverages. The main ingredients towards the recipe are a combination of tofu and mushrooms that makes it healthy.

This kind of patty will be the main ingredient of all the meals that will be offered in the shop. Vegetarian patty will be used as a healthful, tasty option for those frequent burgers which might be high in calories and body fat.


The target audience is focused within the students and locals living near the vicinity of Barangay Limit Hills. Second, are the burger enthusiasts. And ultimately, the health fanatic seeking for another solution for their common hamburger


Dor-El burger shop will provide a great unmet dining experience. Most patrons get excellent customer service, encouraging those to return. The menu offerings are fast, simple, and intensely healthy.

The following examine will provide the reader/s with (a) an awareness of the qualifications of the examine, (b) the goal of the study, (c) the reasons why it was important (d) and strategies selected for data gathering and evaluation.

Project Background and History

The purpose of this kind of study is usually to present a proposal which usually seeks to conduct a feasibility research for advertising a Vegetarian Patty in the vicinity of Batasan Hillsides wherein it can be surrounded by colleges and other establishments. An improvising recipe will be introduced to the industry. The target people are the burger enthusiast, concurrently, the health conscious customers searching for a more healthy alternative for snacks and meals.

We commonly realize that consuming an everyday burger (consisting of a cooked properly patty of ground beef usually put inside a sliced hamburger bun) which is loaded with calories and...