Study Plan- Effect of Gasoline Fumes on Plant Growth

 Research Plan- Effect of Gasoline Fumes about Plant Growth Essay

Savannah Booker, Dubie Dubin

Research Program

Issue: What is the result of gasoline fumes in bean flower growth?

Hypothesis: If the veggie plants are exposed in the presence of gasoline fumes for a much longer period of time, then your plants will die more quickly.


1 . Place ten veggie plants in each of 5 Rubbermaid clear plastic storage containers. 2 . Allow bean crops sit for 1 week without being altered. 3. Leave the initial container by itself without manipulation. 4. Show the second textbox to fuel fumes to get a fifteen minute period. 5. Expose the third container to gasoline smells for a twenty minute period. 6. Show the fourth container to gasoline fumes for any twenty-five day period. several. Expose the fifth box to gasoline fumes for any thirty minute period. almost 8. Record the results in an information table once a week.

9. Do it again steps 3-8 once a day for starters month.

Data Research: Every week we will make qualitative and quantitative observations and record these questions data desk.

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This site had not been very helpful


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