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Commonwealth Traditional bank Australia

Striving for customer service excellence

through open-plan banking


A revolution in how we carry out business; staff

find the Vertera teller cash recycler has enabled them to

receive closer to and interact with each of our customers.


Brian Moseley General Supervisor for Syndication CBA

Decided to be vary


Commonwealth Bank Sydney (CBA) is definitely the largest Retail Bank in Australia with more than 1000 divisions and a household deposits market share of 29%. The Bank started out operating in 1912, and is continuing to grow to a business with more than 700, 000 shareholders

and over 35, 000 workers.

Offering an entire range of retail banking

solutions to their customers, CBA is

well known in the market for the mantra

of 'Determined to be different'; a

declaration that summarises their drive

to realise a unique giving in

theВ market.

With the client at the core of what

at any time the Bank really does, CBA's vision is to

be Australia's very best financial services

organisation through excelling in

customer care.

To achieve all their vision, CBA have

redefined how they connect to their

consumers and had discovered the

part as being crucial in their

achievement. CBA be aware that when one of

their customers goes in their department,

they anticipate choice, in terms of

Commonwealth Traditional bank

Australia's emphasis areas

• ustomer satisfaction; to be


number one

• World-class buyer


• o have highest quantity


of products per buyer

• fficiency; drive down the


price to cash flow ratio

• rofitable market share



• Risk management

product provide and bank channels,

convenience and superb customer

support. Every part visit gives

CBA having a unique possibility to

enhance the Bank's relationship with

the customer. The stronger the

relationship with the customers, the

easier you should understand their needs

and therefore present them to the

right banking products.

In today's competitive environment, it

is a more ground breaking financial

establishments, such as CBA, that

still thrive. While new way of

carrying out organization are found, the

successful traditional bank gives clients what

they desire and when they need it and

thereby creates a sustainable

competitive advantage.


The branch encounter

For CBA, the experience consumers received when ever entering their branches was key. Your bank needed to package effectively with customers who were using the department as a deal channel and people who came for advice about a financial assistance. In both equally instances, the aim was to give outstanding client satisfaction and develop better associations that could be progressed into potential prospects. To achieve this, involved changes to department design, personnel training and investment in transaction software.

CBA began to embark on their very own

" Part Experience Program” in 2007.

CBA identified that they needed

to look at all their branches within a different

approach, so personnel could connect to

customers towards a more relaxed and

welcoming environment. Not only

were CBA seeking to redesign all of their

high profile divisions to a new open

program format, but in reality wanted to

make a new part experience for

their customers, in order to facilitate

better relationships.

CBA wanted to develop a modern and

engaging price tag environment because of their

branches and an open strategy design

was your key driver to obtaining this.

Trying to a retail store as an

example, the financial institution wanted special

zones that could perform diverse

functions although would end up being easily

identifiable to consumers when they

came to the department.

By providing a concierge style service,

where branch personnel greet clients

at the door, CBA were able to

separate fast, basic transactions coming from

those requiring different or greater

interest and therefore increase the

efficiency with their staff.

The new CBA divisions provide

buyers with comfort and a

choice of helped or non-assisted...


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