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School for Applied Technology

Miami-Dade State Public Educational institutions giving our students the world

Community Assistance Project Proposal

I. G. #

Scholar's Name College Grade Level Project Starting Date Name of Task

Directions: 1 ) Complete the Proposal type in tattoo and signal it. Printing clearly or type. Connect additional page(s), as needed. 2 . Have Proposal type signed with a parent or perhaps guardian. 3. Submit the Proposal to get approval and signature. Every students post the form for the appropriate counselor or the principal's designee. Project Description -- What is your job? Be specific about what you can do.

Need - Why is this task needed? For whom could it be valuable?

Final Results - What do you aspire to accomplish while result of your job?

I have examined my son/daughter's Community Service Project Proposal and understand that a community services project has to be completed in so that it will meet the graduating requirements intended for Miami-Dade Region Public Educational institutions. Parent/Guardian's Personal Student's Unsecured personal Signature of approving tutor, counselor, or perhaps principal's designee FM-6586 (08-03)

School pertaining to Applied Technology

Activity Log Form

Scholar's Name University All learners must utilize the Activity Journal Form to record all their community assistance activities. **Only students working to meet the requirements for the Florida Educational Scholars license or the Superintendent's Diploma of Distinction ought to complete the " Hours Completed" portion of the Activity Record Form. Use additional bedsheets, as required. Date Community Service Actions **Hours Completed I. M. #

I use reviewed my personal son/daughter's Activity Log Contact form and understand that a Community Support Project has to be completed in so that it will meet the graduation requirements for Miami-Dade Region Public Colleges. Parent/Guardian's Unsecured personal Student's Personal Signature of teacher, counselor, or principal's designee FM-6586 (08-03)

**Total Project Hours