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Sample Argumentative Article Question:

Nowadays we can see the trend of a lot more people choose to not get married and remain one for the rest of all their life. That they gave different reasons for their particular decision. In your opinion, do you agree with the concept of being one? Write 500 words argumentative essay based upon the main factors below.

Judgment: Agreed

1 . Opposing Argument- those who disagreed said that you can become unfortunate and depressed

Rebuttal- you can have friends and pets to hold you happy but not lonely

installment payments on your Opposing Argument- opponents declared that nobody will need care of you when you are older

Rebuttal- you may join nursing jobs home or perhaps employ childcare professional to take care of you

a few. Opposing Argument- opponents declared that married persons can make a decision better

Rebuttal - becoming single, you may have freedom for making decision

Test Essay

Ten or twenty years ago, if you ask young operating adults who also are still sole, what would be their subsequent plan? We are sure that most them could reply that they wish to settle down, get married and begin a family. Fast-forward to today, if you present the same problem to the prior group, increasingly more will disclose that they get away from the idea of marital life and concentrate on their profession and other responsibilities instead. This trend provides raised the concern among the parents and authority because sooner or later it will affect the family establishment which functions as the foundation of culture. Despite of their very own growing tension towards the enormous decision which the young young took, I believe that they must be allowed to live their your life according to the choice that they have produced.

Individuals who opposed to decision argued why these single persons eventually will remain solitary throughout their lifestyle and perish as a miserable lone outdated folk with nobody by side. This is due to they have simply no companion to keep them organization such as spouses and children. However , this can be such a conservative thought. A single person does not equal to lonesome person seeing that there are many others that can give merriment in every area of your life like close friends and relatives. To ward away loneliness also they can continue to keep pets such as dogs and cats which can a healing step also. According to Dr . Judith Siegel, owners with ASSISTS are far not as likely to experience depression than those are with out pets (2008). In some cases, one peoples are known to take up children plus they have their individual happy friends and family.

Up coming, the competitors of the idea of one life stated that when those who keep to this idea reach the age, they would be no person who is going to take care of these people. This will turn into worse if they are suffering from ailments as older people are susceptible to various illnesses. Despite of this kind of grim scenario, single people should not be worried as they even now can be publicly stated to old folks residence when they turn into old. They may receive better care because these nursing homes will be run simply by professional administration. In addition they will never be alone because there will be a great many other residents to whom are more than willing to hold their firm. Plus they will probably be luckier than those parents whom are kept on their own by their children. Who says marriage can guarantee joy.

People can say that sometimes two head is superior to one heads. This is because the wife and hubby may have an overabundance ideas to make decision because each are able to see in different perspective. However this may lead to continuous fights and arguments which will soon later on turn into a divorce decision. Mentioned previously by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development), in 2010 there is certainly one divorce occurred for every 15 minutes. This could be ironic that the is the just decision that they can agreed with. For single peoples, this is not a problem as they can determine their course on their own and live their particular carefree your life without worrying regarding satisfying the other party.

Therefore, this essay stressed that the idea of one life is certainly not such a bad idea at all despite the...