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Discuss how the distinctively visual delivers distinctive activities in Maestro and ONE other related text of your own selecting. ORT: Edward Scissor hands- Tim Burton

Through studying and inspecting ‘Maestro', written by Peter Goldsworthy, and by looking at and inspecting the film ‘Edward Scissorhands' directed simply by Tim Burton, it is noticeable that the composers of these texts allow the target audience to see special experiences with our eyes along with with our brains through exclusively visual. The countless visual, drafted and fictional techniques have the ability to create a significant and impacting visual. In the text Maestro, the composer uses tactics such as similes, metaphors and multi-sensual images to convey distinctively visual, through experiences. Paul, the main figure is trained by a audio maestro who have not only instructs him regarding his music, but also life skills. This is found through a metaphor " a musical Bible… Czerny” (p. 123), through this we come across Keller's teachings are in comparison to the Bible. Paul eventually involves believe in the teachings of the Maestro as Gospel. The composer uses brilliant descriptions, which usually tell the audience that it is a significant memory, with the use of multi-sensual images” a monsoon of beer and sweat and noise” (. 17), we be familiar with vivid graphic that Paul experienced on the pub, with words that evoke every one of the senses, and create a good sense of place as distinctively visible. The metaphor, " A straining hawser” (p. 118), this explains Paul and Keller having hands. A hawser is a strong string used to tie boats. Costly image that shows the strength of the psychological connection among Paul and the maestro. This is certainly significant while Paul's connection with Maestro is very important in his life time, in which Paul develops a feeling of maturity and private development. A character which plays a significant part in Paul's life is Rosie, through simile " We glanced for her, and found a miraculous has took place before my eyes... podgy baby-fat had...