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We are able to image that traditional girls had to be home more and woefully outdated in the past. The roles of society during 1940 to 1960, males were required to fight on planet War 2, thousands of females had to stand for themselves. Some had not read homecoming off their partner. We were holding alone, deficiency of confidence and unrealized characteristics of lifestyle. But everything has changed as she moved up to Cosmopolitan magazine as an manager in Hearst Corporation Company. She expressed to audience was sexually centre message which impact single females about sexual revolution. Along with she revealed the field in the past that executive administration is the person does not mean that ladies cannot work in this position. As being a modern girl, Helen Gurley Brown is her name as a corporate and business leader that i admired her about her thought that influence a unique idea of the modern female to express the follower and got accomplish. This kind of assignment can analysis her leadership attribute, theory and her style, the ways the girl led the organization and enable women by simply present the role of leadership, her personal and company achievement, her ethical making decisions of leader and her legacy.

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Sue Marie Gurley Brown was developed on February 18th, 1922 in a simple circumstances family members in Green Forest, Arkansas. In sorrowfully elevator car accident made her father passed away when the girl was simply 10 and her mother became extremely depressed. Her family had trouble with economical issue. In 1937, your woman moved to Oregon with family. Her sibling was tied to poliomyelitis which in turn this disease made her handicapped coming from waist straight down.

In spite of her difficult circumstance life, Sue concentrated on her studying. The girl thrived scholastically in the ranking one in eight of the class room at Steve H. Francis Polytechnic Senior high school. After managed to graduate she researched at Texas State School but financial reasons built her was forced away. She started studying since secretarial institution at Woodbury Business College or university. In 1948, after managed to graduate the secretarial jobs had been her 1st career and her writing was interesting so your woman was asked to act on advertising organization firm Foote Cone & Belding. With her intelligence, her supervisor Don Belding promoted her a sales letter writer position. In the 50s, Helen committed with a Hollywood producer, David Brown. He encouraged her to write a single life publication. „Sex and the Single Girl‟ was success. In 60, she grew to be the best-paid copywriter in the area with accolades at Frances Holmes Marketing Copywriters (Yates V. 2013). In 62, the largest-selling sensation publication „Sex as well as the Single Girl‟ was granted that it encouraged women prior to marriage with sexual relationships and some pieces of advice to overcome the financially impartial situation (Driscoll M. 2012). It was a tremendous book. It was a improve greatly to move Sue to generally pop idol after introduced those ebooks. Releasing the book confirmed her personal strength. She was offered via Cosmopolitan magazine to be manager under Hearst Corporation.

Cosmopolitan magazine setting was to get housewives viewers in the past, the articles inside all about food preparation, household and family, children managing and some fiction novel. She was a hardworking editor as documenting from the Hearst Corporation. Sue brought a new lifestyle in to the magazine by influence females to stand for and innovation women‟s existence by pass the message to readerships regarding sexual independence, love relationship relationship and fashion trends. Later, Cosmopolitan Mag and Helen Gurley Brownish were widespread in the new market placing of new feminism. New design of Cosmopolitan a couple of

Magazine‟s blood flow drew interest American women from 800, 000...

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