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Spring 2014 Rich Cook

Tues / Thurs: 2: 15 – a few: 45 evening; Hearst 208 [email protected] edu Office several hours: Tuesdays, 1: 00 – 2: 12-15 pm, Hearst 215

Key 302-02

Historic Perspectives for the Social Order II

Training course Description

The junior 12 months sequence makes up an traditional and scientific examination of human experience in response to the fictional and theoretical texts researched in the initially two years. Using a variety of methodologies from the humanities and the social sciences, the course aims to rebuild the social context pertaining to understanding significant periods in human history. The 2nd semester concentrates on the problems of modernity, like the rise from the modern state, nationalism, trend, and the positive effect. � This program examines many ways in which significant moments are becoming an essential part of our traditional consciousness, enshrined in myth, religion, custom, culture and institutions. � Through cautious analysis of current scholarship grant and original sources, students will be asked to consider the complicated relationship between history, ethnical traditions, as well as the social and political institutions derived from all of them.

Reading Elements

For Purchase: (available at the Oglethorpe Bookstore, or perhaps elsewhere) Natalie Zemon Davis, The Come back of Matn Guerre (1983)

Gordon S. Wood, The Radicalism with the American Revolution (1991) Joseph Conrad, Cardiovascular of Night: An Authoritative Text, Qualification and Resources, Criticism (1901/1988) Modris Eksteins, Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age (2000) Jose Ortega y Gasset, The Rise ? mutiny of the People (1932)

Heda Margolius Kovaly, Under a Vicious Star: A Life in Prague, 1941-1968 (1986) Frantz Fanon, The Wretched with the Earth (1961/1986)

Course Packs: (available through Moodle)

Antoine-Nicholas de Condorcet, " Drawing for an Historical Picture of the Improvement of the Man Mind” (1794) Perry Miller, " Puritan State and Puritan Society” (1956) Jones Paine, " Common Sense” (1775)

Lewis Simpson, " Land, Slaves, and Mind” (1989)

Rudyard Kipling, " Naboth” (1891)

Jean para Brunhoff, The storyline of Babar, the Little Elefant (1931) George Orwell, " Shooting a great Elephant” (1936)

Michael Adas, " Global Hegemony as well as the Rise of Technology as the Main Way of measuring Human Achievement” (1989) Hannah Arendt, " Duties of your Law-Abiding Citizen” (1965)

Meters. K. Gandhi, " The condition of Civilization” (1938)


3 Paperwork (50 points each)

you midterm and 1 last (50 items each).

The midterm will take care of material which include Condorcet, Davis, Wood, Paine, Miller, and Simpson. A final will cover every one of the readings in the course.

Course Participation (150 points). Participation consists of this: Leading debate: (50 points)

Each scholar will lead at least one discussion session.

Debate participation (100 points)

All will engage in discussion periods, and consider reading quizzes. Attendance is usually mandatory. You might miss approximately three classes without outcome. More than 3 unexcused absences will result in money off of your last grade. Honor Code: " Because Oglethorpe students and school expect the other person to be truthful inside the intellectual practice they reveal, academic work at the University is done under the provisions of the Honour Code. Oglethorpe students affirm all their commitment towards the Honour Code with a created pledge on each piece of graded work, because requested by instructor. Both students and faculty have the responsibility of credit reporting suspected infractions. ” Cheating includes (a) the not authorized possession or use of remarks, texts, or other such elements during a great examination; (b) Copying someone else's work or participation in such an hard work; (c) An attempt or engagement in an attempt to fulfill the requirements of your course with work apart from one's unique work for that course. Stealing articles includes representing someone else's words, ideas, info, or initial research while one's very own,...


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