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Buddhist temples or wats are excellent samples of Asian architecture. In this respect, Chinese Buddhist temples are very noteworthy simply because they mirror the architecture of China and can include religious elements. In this respect, the White Horse Temple in China is specifically noteworthy. We visited the temple and was thankful for its architecture and ambiance which was really inspiring, although I was not a Buddhist. In fact , the Buddhist serenidad is designed after real palaces and bears little or no resemblance for the temple in India or other Buddhist countries. Getting into the front lounge, one is confronted by four enormous images, made from wood, two on each size. These are the Four Divine Kings or Devas, the Guardians from the Four Guidelines and the hall is named following them. From this hall, the first is greeted at the entrance, by lovable and kindly Buddha-to-be, Maitreya Buddha, with his body fat paunch, looking joyously toward the access. Directly behind the Mi-Lei-Fwo, separated by the wall, is a great deva Wei-To, the Porjector of Buddhist wats or temples and the trust. He is depicted clad entirely armor and holding a gnarled personnel. Wei-To is usually under the four Heavenly Kings, is approved the title of " Protector of Buddhist Books”. He is facing the Great Hall known as the Ta-Hung-Pau-Tien which is separated in the front hall by a wall or courtyard. In the Wonderful Hall the key altar is found and on it is an image of Sakyamuni Buddha and his two for the majority of disciples, Mahakasyapa and Ananda. The set up and range of personages is extremely skilful. Around the east and west surfaces of the Superb Hall are arranged the figures in the Eighteen Arhats who will be represented because possessing different supernatural powers. Along the north wall, you will discover the images of Jan-teng Fwo, the historical Buddha who also predicted Sakyamuni's Buddhahood. Likewise, there is the picture of the Protection of Yoga in the lounge. It is below Buddhists give their praying and offerings of flowers, fruits and other gifts which can be...