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 Essay on Alternative Printer ink


" Sweets beets as a Potential Preservative for Commercial Computer Ink”

Cruz, Clarence

Basmayor, Renz

Alejandro, Bea

Ruivivar, Nicole

Orsine, Johanne

De Jehova, Johbie

Section I

A. Background in the Study

From this modern associated with technology, the price tag on products turns into a challenge to every user due to demands with the consumers. Today problems to provide the needs of computer ink happen to be in demand all over the world that uses computers to print papers. It is motivate to discover issues that can be valuable and solution these demands. Many people are now using gizmos like pc to make all their work easier. Physics makes significant contributions through advancements in this technologies. Advances inside the understanding of electromagnetism or nuclear physics led right to the development of new products such as television,  computers, and printers. Many people know that printing device is used to print books, newspapers or magazine. Tattoo is one of the important components of computer printer. Without printer ink, printer can be useless. � In this statement, we have appear to perform research study, about computer printer from sweets beets, which can be most useful and environmental friendly than industrial ink. Sugars beets' Medical name is Beta Vulgaris. Glucose beets will be small herbaceous plants with broad dark-green leaves. The underground taproot matures in 50-60 times of sowing and weighs regarding 100 to 150 g. Sugar beet contains selected unique pigment in the underlying as well as in it is top shades of green that have discovered be used while inks. The first crimson-red color of red blumenbeet is due to betalain pigments, such as betanin and betacyanin. It is most beneficial and we can help you money because the cost of the sugar beet ink is much more less than the amount of commercial ink.

B. Goals

1 . To be aware of the likely component of sugar beets that may become a supply of colored ink.        � 2 . To know how you can extract the sugar beets into ink.

3. To find out how to conduct a potential additive for commercial computer ink.

C. Declaration of the Difficulty

1 . Can there be any difference in the commercial printer ink and the printer ink made up of sweets beets? installment payments on your Would it work?

D. Hypotheses

Alternative – Sugar beets can be an option source intended for computer ink. Null - Sugar beets cannot be utilized as a laptop ink.

At the. Significance with the Study

This study may help people to never buy costly ink available in the market, sugar blumenbeet is the option for making printer ink by themselves. They will make ink in their home easily through the use of natural solutions. Using normal ink is definitely environment friendly. Many other materials such as root base, nuts and flowers may also be used to create tattoo in various shades. We can also use different kinds of all types of berries as well to develop different shades of colors.

Seeing that we are considerably affected by global warming brought about by an excessive amount of pollution that came from several pollutants like factories and garbage. We can help kinds of living conditions by making our personal products such as ink from sugar beets to lessen this problem. It may seem to experience a little effect now, when we start considering it, who have knows, probably we can attain more down the road. And we may possibly save the earth.

F. Opportunity and Constraints

The focus of our investigatory examine is to create a commercial laptop ink away of sweets beets. The number of the outcome of the computer ink will depend on how big the beet we uses. We made a decision to use a beet which size is the common scale a normal beet. It is enough for a test of our product. The elements and tools we will use in this project are easy to receive and find.

Chapter 2

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