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 A World With no Conflict Dissertation

A new without turmoil

No conflict no growth. The world without issue people would lose their particular human nature; the society may have no development. Humans containing emotion, just like happiness, misery, anger, envy, ect. These emotions cause people to hate, suffer and love. Whenever we without it, we would become the same, simply no disagreement, simply no better idea, no individual opinion. Though there is no straightforward way to tell what is the world looks like, or really precipitous due to not enough fear. Why with conflict is good?

2. Competition (that could result in improved productivity; everyone attempts to achieve their very own best) How come no conflict is good?

- all be similar with no big difference at ing

- Equal rights (everyone will probably be treated similarly; power are not held in a particular group) ( no gap bet rich and poor)

- Tranquil – guard ownership (no hassle) warfare in Korea (no loss of life and injuries)


A peaceful and lovely world makes without turmoil. Humans delivered with emotion, such as joy, sadness, anger, jealousy, ect. Those thoughts cause people to hate, go through and like. We with out it would all be the same, no disagreement, not any better idea, no individual opinion. In the world without turmoil, people will treat similarly. We all find the same repayment, same social states, specifically not difference bet abundant and poor in the culture. Moreover, the power would not become held in a particular group, likewise corruption would no longer browsing the world. Tranquil would stick to us because of not to guard our title and no trouble between countries. No people have to die for battle and blameless competition.