Did you ever think that you can perform chess with an ten queen in it? An easy board game, that turned into a tough game. The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess, yet just how a large number of queens is it possible to fit on a chessboard just before they begin attacking one another? The answer is 8-10 (8), nevertheless positioning so many of these powerfulk ladies on one board is a tricky concern. Put them in the wrong place relative to the other person and they'll commence to think that the board game just isn't big enough for these people all, and this it will be it. All out war and tiaras at dawn. Chess is one of the board game everyone is familiar with. A primary reason why Mentally stimulating games had become one of many oldest and a lot popular board games human beings had ever before played is because of the difficulty of the video game and simplicity of its objective. The game is enjoyed by two players rivalling for the game's target. Each player has a pair of Chess pieces consisting of eight pawns, two rookies, two knights, a couple of bishops, a king and a full with every piece goes in a exceptional pattern. To checkmate an opponent's California king, one will need to have a strategy in order to move every single piece on a set. The uniqueness of every set is determined by its hierarchical position – pawn becoming the lowest and King as the most precious part in a set. But the strongest piece in the set is the Queen. Chang (2003) explained that the 8-10 queen trouble refers to a configuration which usually cannot result from an actual video game, but which can be based on homes of the full. The problem is: place eight (8) queens around the board in such a way that no princess or queen is attacking any other.


The 8-Queen Mentally stimulating games puzzle that has been originally suggested in 1848 by the chess player Utmost Bezzel is a problem of placing 8-10 (8) chess Queens by using an 8x8 chessboard so that no two queens attack each other. The problem that is defined by Kumar (2008) stated the fact that game features 8 a queen and an 8x8 chessboard having alternate black and white colored squares. The queens are put on the chessboard. Any full can attack any one more queen positioned on same way row, or steering column or diagonal. The problem is to get the proper keeping of queens on the chessboard so that no princess or queen attacks various other queen. A single solution for the puzzle is to determine all feasible outcomes which the 8 a queen will be placed in the panel time making sure that you comply with the condition that no two a queen attack each other. This process is very exhaustive and time consuming to get a human to accomplish. A program simulating the problem will need an initial suggestions to the end user. This will symbolize the 1st queen in the board. After initializing the first california king, the program will now search for the next 7 queens that will fulfill the condition of the problem.


The objectives of the job is to find a solution for the 8-Queen Chess Puzzle Issue using an algorithm defined and tested being applied within a real world difficulty. The study should identify the usage of an algorithm depending on the problem recommended. Researchers must simulate the Algorithm utilizing a program. It should solve the proposed difficulty and try to deliver output efficiently and effectively. The following are the objectives from the study:

1 ) To find an algorithm that can develop a deliverable where the conditions for the problem are satisfied. 2 . To identify the relationship between the protocol and the difficulty background. three or more. To create a system that can reproduce the formula.

4. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed answer.


The study will certainly focus on the 8-Queen Chess Puzzle difficulty. This game is to position 8 a queen on an 8x8 chess board, simulation a true chess video game. Algorithms that is used in the study will be based within the related literatures presented from this research. Such algorithms offered are examined by its effectiveness and the application pertaining to the problem...

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